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Here is one of our more recently received letters...

Happy Clients


August 19, 2012

Tina Jimov-Red

Tarbell Realty, Inc.

Dear Ms. Jimov-Red:

Being a management executive myself, I am confident that on rare occasion you receive letters of complaint sadly pointing out where your company or key employees or associates have missed the mark of providing excellent service to your customers. I am so very pleased to let you know that this is NOT one of those letters. To the contrary, if you would please indulge me, I would like very much to take this opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings with you over our total satisfaction with the superb and flawless performance we have seen from Jody Mathews, your Temecula realty agent, and her husband Ron, in assisting us to navigate the process of finding, negotiating and purchasing a new home.

To begin with, I should like to point out that we have purchased homes six times in the past so we are not strangers to these proceedings and are experienced enough to tell the difference between outstanding and mediocre agents. We always sought referrals to agents with impeccable credentials, outstanding personal and communication skills and track records of great performance. This time we relied on a family member who is likewise a licensed agent but who was not available to see to our needs. She highly recommended Jody and Ron Mathews. That is how we were fortunately introduced to Jody. Basically, from our very first brief introductory phone call to the end of the transaction when Jody delivered our new house keys, the excellent rapport, professionalism and total competence not to mention sensitivity and courtesy were the hallmarks of her service to us. Without a doubt she is the very best realty agent we have ever had the good fortune to meet. In short, Jody has not only brought credit and honor upon herself by virtue of her superb performance but she and Ron reflect most favorably upon your firm as well. You must surely consider them to be some of your most valuable and treasured assets! 

In essence, I just wanted to assure you that no other real estate agency we have dealt with has ever performed up to the level of Tarbell. Naturally, we have told all of our family members, close friends, business colleagues and acquaintances how extremely pleased we have been with Jody and Ron and your excellent firm. As a professional manager, as well as licensed health insurance agent, I fully recognize the achievements of individuals in their chosen careers. Jody is obviously a born real estate agent and was put here by the Grace of God to enable these important transactions to occur. She is a human catalyst!

In closing, let me say that I believe the most important job of an effective and charismatic leader is to recruit, incentivize and retain the right people. As President, you should obviously be commended for having been smart enough, charismatic enough and talented enough to be able to recruit Jody and Ron and keep them on your team. We know they are all-star team players and will bring many wins to Tarbell Realty. Hurray for them and for your fine firm! My wife and I thank you for a job exceedingly well done and wish you much continued success.

Sincerely yours

Paul R. and Rosemary A. Roberts

Very Happy Tarbell Clients